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Ethnic and Area Studies

Ethnicand Area Studies Howhas the modernization and growth of urban populations intoincreasingly large and complex mega-cities had an effect on localcultures? How has the family been affected? How have cities beenaffected? Itis evident that modernization and the increase of the urbanpopulations have significantly affected the social structures directfrom the culture to the family level. The Read More

Application of Fashion Behaviors, Life Experiences and Meanings of Dress

APPLICATION OF FASHION BEHAVIORS, LIFE EXPERIENCES AND MEANINGS OF DRESS 4 Applicationof Fashion Behaviors, Life Experiences and Meanings of Dress Applicationof Fashion Behaviors, Life Experiences and Meanings of Dress Dressing is a difficult aspect that is neverfully explored by the society. Many perceive dressing as a simplebehavior characterized by the humankind. Some observe dressing as Read More

Social Change and Ethnic Inequality

SocialChange and Ethnic Inequality SenariaBridges Dr.Hedy Dexter SocialChange and Ethnic Inequality Socialchange is the gradual or sudden change of the human environment inrelation to areas that touch on their day to day cohabitation intheir living space (Jennings,2001). (Explainedthese changes or used different wording) such areas may be attributedto changes of the economy, environment, religion, culture Read More


3 Themain argument of the paper, or its thesis, is that theAfrican-Americans continued to suffer from the evils of racialdiscrimination even as they struggled to prove themselves in thesphere of education. The author provides categorical pieces ofevidence that support this thesis. For instance, the White people inSimpsonville could not believe that a black man could Read More

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Evaluationof Superhero Beforethe arrival of the year 2000, there was considerable dismissal ofcomic book superhero films based on the row that they were infantile,B-movie pulp types. On the contrary, the decade of 2000 was greetedby a growth in presence of the filmic superhero to the extent ofbecoming identical to the Hollywood summer blockbuster. The firstreleases Read More

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Lecturer’sName BlackPlays: The New Minstrel Shows Racialinequality remains one of the most discussed topics in the US, mainlyinvolving white supremacy and black inferiority. The many African-Americans chained and brought to the country as slaves have continuedto endure discrimination due to their color. The advancement oftechnology and emergence of mass media has enabled a racialstereotyping to Read More

Ruth Younger Character in ‘A RAISIN IN THE SUN’ by Lorraine Hansberry

Ruth Younger Character in ‘ARAISIN IN THE SUN’ by Lorraine Hansberry Ruth Younger is a character inthe play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ by LorraineHansberry. She is in her30’s. She is a protagonist character, a non-complex and a staticcharacter who is hardworking, persistent and acts as a mediator inher family. Ruth is a family lady, Read More

A Political Issue Facing the State of Texas that is of Personal Interest

A Political Issue Facing the State of Texasthat is of Personal Interest Thesubject of marijuana use has been one of the sensitive discussionsthat the society continues to grapple with. Central to suchdiscussions has been the question of how the drug use could becontrolled to limit the adverse effects on the society. Theconventional approach to drug Read More

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&quotTheGlass Menagerie&quot (Film,1973) Review BackgroundInformation TennesseeWilliams’“The Glass Menagerie”is an autobiographical play and it is narrated from the writer’spoint of view. The piece entails the events derived from thenarrator’s memories. The key character is Tom Wingfield. The playportrays the happenings around his life in 1937 while he was livingin St. Louis. Tom is brought out as Read More

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Professor`sname Subject ReactionPaper Gladiator Maximusleads the Roman legion to victory against the Germanic barbarians inGermania. Commodus, a son of Aurelius, kills his father when herealizes he cannot be the emperor being the patrician so as toinherit his father`s position as an emperor, but he rules as adictator. Maximus’ family death tortures him and he collapses Read More

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