Day: March 24, 2020

Maintaining and Improving Quality and Safety – A Reflection

Maintaining and Improving Quality and Safety – A Reflection 1a. Discuss how the program assisted you in developing yourprofessional definition. The program helped to develop my definition as a nurse by makingknown to me the rules and scope of practice of a professional nurseas defined by professional organizations and regulatory agencies suchas Emergency Nurses Association Read More

Assignment Capstone Paper Resources and Conclusion

4 CAPSTONE PAPER: RESOURCES AND CONCLUSION Assignment:Capstone Paper: Resources and Conclusion EliminatingDischarge Delays Contemporaryhealthcare facilities have been witnessing consistent delays indischarging patients. Scholars associate the delay with hugerequirements in the clearance process (Coffey, Leahy-Warren, Savage,Hegarty, &amp Cornally, 2016). Besides, poor coordination among theinvolved departments and medical professionals is a major cause ofthe delay. The delays Read More

Rwanda Genocide

3 RwandaGenocide In1994, a meager group of hardliners within the country’s rulingparty and military planned the 20thcentury’s most swift extermination operation. During the period,Rwanda became engrossed in a ruthless groundswell of planned ferocitythat left approximately one million individuals dead within durationof only three months.1The thoroughly organized and state-scrutinized genocidal conflictswere manifested by the widespread engagement Read More

Role of the Community Health Nurse and the General System Theory

COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSES 5 Institution Affiliation A community can be defined as a group of people who live and sharecommon features in their society such as institutions and agencies.These people are able to interact with each other on a daily basisand have an understanding of how their lives work within theirsystem. Health is the state Read More

Interpersonal Attraction

InterpersonalAttraction InterpersonalAttraction Thepersonal relationship involves the close companionship, cooperation,passion, and communication between two or more individuals. Peopleshare ideas, thoughts, strategies, and conduct in the closerelationship. The wellbeing of the society is enhanced when allindividuals engage in personal relationships that are moral, ethical,and accepted in the society. The paper discusses the processes andfactors that form and Read More


Professor’s VictorianWriters Thewriters of the Victorian era emphasized on the state of mind of achild in their work. The construction of the mind has been aprominent topic in psychology, aiming at seeking to describechildren’s construction of fantasy that exists in their world.Conventionally, the adult-child delusion comparison enabled expertsto preserve hierarchical distinctions in thinking between childrenand Read More

Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez

Insert surname here 2 Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez Breaking Through is a book that shows the struggleof immigrants in the United States. The story in it shows thestruggle of immigrants and in so doing, evokes empathy for the lessfortunate. Campus is that point in one’s life when the body isformed, but then the intellect Read More

The Lottery

TheLottery Thestory that Jackson wrote triggered many reactions from the audiencethat brought out the bad image and bad practices of the poor. Thoughthe story ideally brings out the suffering nature of the poor, mostof them feel inferior and feel downgraded. I believe the storyexplained more on the rude behavior that the poor practiced insteadof focusing Read More

The Nature of Memory Distortion

TheNature of Memory Distortion TheNature of False Memory Naturally,the human mind is inclined to lead to distortions. The study ofmemory distortion explores individuals’ failure to detect adiscrepancy between a choice and its consequence(Sikström, 2017).Choice blindness, referred here as memory distortion, is a result ofthe natural human process of forgetting and can be viewed through thelens Read More

Civic Project

CivicProject Marlene Dotsonmoved to Indianapolis more than two decades ago. She has been livingin the city and has managed to empower the Latinos living in the citythrough various initiatives. When she arrived in Indianapolis, therewas only a single Hispanic store. There were very few Hispanics andnot many people spoke Spanish. However, this did not deter Read More

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