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ArticleSummary Allhumans are in constant need for love and affection and this leadsmost of us into relationships. However, some relationships can be tootaxing emotionally especially if one’s partner is controlling.Controlling partners have heaps of accusations to make their fellowpartners feel inferior and maintain dominance over them. They rendertheir partners into abusive relationships unaware, thus making Read More

Indoor Air Pollution Prevention

IndoorAir Pollution Prevention Manyin our societies associate air pollution to only industrial smoke,exhaust smoke from cars and combustion of hydrocarbons which occurmajorly outdoor. This is because of the awareness thatenvironmentalists have put emphasis on outdoor air pollutionprevention and the available literature in schools focusing on theoutdoor sector alone. This traditional way of thinking needs tochange Read More


InstitutionAffiliation: is defined as the variability and variety of life forms on differentparts of the earth (Sisk, Launer, Switky, &amp Ehrlich, 2013). Thesevariations are often defined with regards to a particular ecosystemor the entire universe. People commonly identify biodiversity througha group of species which can interbreed and referred to as species(Sisk et al., 2013). This Read More

Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudiceand Discrimination Prejudiceand Discrimination Theworld comprises of people from different ethnic communities withdiverse cultures and beliefs. It is a common trend to see individualsviewing themselves superior to the others, and this creates socialgroups. Human beings feel powerful when they regard themselves tohave come from a culture that is considered to have a higher statusin the Read More

Report on the Geology of San Francisco as Viewed in Corona Heights

Reporton the Geology of San Francisco as Viewed in Corona Heights Nameof Student Reporton the Geology of San Francisco as Viewed in Corona Heights Theaim of the field trip was to conduct a geological and topographicstudy of the city of San Francisco. To establish the geologicalcharacteristics of the area, Corona Heights Park was chosen as Read More

Mock Public Address Speech Write-up

MockPublic Address Speech Write-up UniversityAffiliation MockPublic Address Speech Write-up Terrorismis a challenge that is experienced by various societies today.According to the annual Global Terrorism Index, incidences ofterrorism have considerably increased in the recent past. Thedevastating toll of terror attacks is a major challenge that hascontinued to pose a severe threat to human life. In 2014, Read More

Obesity and the Law

Running Heads: OBESITY AND THE LAW 1 Obesityand the Law WordCount: 885 Executivesummary Theliterature below is mainly on the issues that concern overweightindividuals in society and the need for them to be recognized by lawas a particular group thus help in fighting the discrimination thatthey have to endure in society(1). The focus will also be Read More

Job Evaluation (Doctor).

JobEvaluation (Doctor). Gooddoctors are the ones who put thehealth and safety of a patient above all other things. They canempathisewith their patients, are interested in the patient as a person, showcompassion, care, and kindness. Good doctors exercise patience whendealing with a difficult patient. Thisincludes, not getting angry at a patient who is afraid of medicationor Read More

Causes of Diabetes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Causesof Diabetes, Symptoms, and Treatment StudentsName Diabetesmellitus isa commonly-occurring disease, in particular for the aged.Diabetesis a group of metabolic diseases characterized by a person havinghigh glucose (or sugar) amount in the blood. The cause can arise as aresult of either an inadequate insulin production, or a consequenceof the failure of the body`s cells to respond Read More

Qualitative Analysis

QualitativeAnalysis QualitativeAnalysis Article Peters, K., McInnes, S. &amp Halcomb, E. (2015). Nursing students` experiences of clinical placement in community settings: a qualitative study. Collegian, 22 (2), 175-181. Retrieved from Background Information The article’s title is attractive as it clearly introduces the primary variables, the phenomenon of interest (POI) and the population under study. Furthermore, Read More

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