Annotated Bibliography

AnnotatedBibliography Behnke,Marylou, Vincent C. Smith, and Committee on Substance Abuse.“Prenatal Substance Abuse: Short-And Long-Term Effects on theExposed Fetus.” Journal of Pediatrics, 131.3 (2013): 1009-1024. Thisjournal is a valuable resource for this research because it containssignificant information regarding the effects of the drug that mayreach the fetus during pregnancy. The journal review long-term andshort-term impacts of Read More

The Human Experiment

THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT 3 TheHuman Experiment TheHuman Experiment Thevideo highlights the issue of untested products in chemicals, whichare used every day by people. Based on the video, there has been anincrease in the use of chemicals in the recent past. This hascontributed to diseases and health conditions such as congenitaldisabilities, miscarriages and high rates of Read More


5 Anybusiness needs constant monitoring and evaluation as a way ofensuring that the activities being undertaken within it are in linewith the business policies and terms of service (Lockyer2013).The 7 Ps are a strategic formula applied by many organizations andinstitutions with the effort of creating a streamlined manner ofevaluation for a successful operation. The seven Read More

Burial/Death Rituals in African Cultures

Burial/DeathRituals in African Cultures Everyliving human has a limited lifespan on Earth and will eventually die.Death denotes the process of the cessation to live the end of allbiological functions that physically and mentally support anorganism once death occurs, the heart stops, and it cannot berestarted. Murder, diseases or old age are the common causes ofdeath. Read More

History of Sexuality

Historyof Sexuality InstitutionalAffiliations: The Sexualityhas been defined as the feelings and attractions that individualsdevelops towards others. The term has been closely associated withfornication and adultery and both people in the olden and modern daysconsider sexual immorality as a sin. From the biblical point of viewsex was considered as a sin and whoever committed sex, then Read More

Workers Compensation

WorkersCompensation WorkersCompensation Work-relatedstress claims should be compensable under the statutes. Understanding the essence of , inbrief, is imperative at this point. As pointed out by Find Law(2017), employees that are injured while in the course of their workduties are entitled to benefits while undergoingrecuperation. The aim of the Worker Compensation, as per Find Law(2017) is Read More

Evaluation of Ernest Boyer`s Essay on Ingenuity

1 Running head: EVALUATION OF ERNEST BOYER’S ESSAY ON INGENUITY Evaluationof Ernest Boyer’s Essay on Ingenuity Evaluationof Ernest Boyer’s Essay on Ingenuity Reportson college education show that schoolroom undertakings extend beyondthe diffusion of information from instructors to learners. Boyer’sarticle on creativity in the classroom focuses on numerous factorsthat obstruct the successful realization of education goals. Read More

Globalization in the Ancient World

Globalizationin the Ancient World Theconcept of globalization tends to draw its relevance from the aspectof people, organizations, and governments interact on day-to-daybasis. The more people from different countries and regions interact,the more they realize globalization. In this regard, globalizationrefers to interaction among people, corporate entities, and regimesfrom different parts of the world through trade, cultural Read More

Sales, Promotion, and Operations at Hilton International

Sales,Promotion, and Operations at Hilton International Sales,Promotion, and Operations at Hilton International HiltonInternational is a renowned global hotels and resorts organisationwith numerous branches in over 4,000 hotels spanning 91 countries. Ithouses international brands like Conrad Hotels &amp Resorts, HamptonInn, Embassy Suites Hotels, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts,Home2Suites by Hilton, Doubletree, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suitesby Read More

System Change Project

SYSTEM CHANGE PROJECT SystemChange Project SystemsChange for Quality Improvement of Patient Safety Hospitalfalls refer to legal, regulatory and clinical problems which arefaced in day to day running of health centers. Over time, despite theeffort to get appropriate remedies for such issues, there has beenthe failure due to lack of efficient models and technology (Hempel,Newberry, Wang, Read More

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