Customer Service in a Diverse World

CustomerService in a Diverse World InstitutionAffiliation Inmany occasions, we always make assumptions that older peoplecontribute less to the society. Some people treat the elderly like“antique autos” as they think that these people can’t get anyreal work out of them. For instance, managers don’t want to hireolder people since they think older employees present a lot Read More


Question1 business model entails offering fee-paying members as well as sellingand receiving funds for inventory before many of its merchandisevendors are paid. The business model of the company has beenappealing because, for instance, the membership fee was meant toprovide enough supplemental revenues that would boost its overallprofitability. Through the payment terms provided by vendors, thecompany Read More

Final Exam Final Exam

STATISTICS 14 FinalExam FinalExam Essay#1 Researchersconducted an investigation to establish the appropriate vaccine whichis deemed successful in the prevention and treatment of influenza. Inthe experiment, two types of vaccines were examined, a nasal sprayand shot. In the experiment, 1000 participants were randomly selectedto participate in the test to determine the effectiveness of the fluvaccine. Furthermore, Read More

Strategic Planning

Student A. Sample Name of the Institution Month day, 2017 Summary of Article Topic Strategicplanning: case of CocaCola Company Strategic planning concept Strategicplanning is the science of defining the vision and objectives of theorganization and how to achieve them in the long-run. It clearlyoutline the guidelines for achieving such vision usually between 3 –5 years. Read More

Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Jobs Committee

SmallBusiness, Entrepreneurship and Jobs Committee Thepurpose of the event was to promote small business andentrepreneurship development in the nation. Some of the issuesaddressed in the meeting included urban business growth initiativesand issues influencing current small business and entrepreneurship,and it was highlighted that young firms created more jobs compared tothe old firms. Young firms aged between Read More

Health Systems

HEALTH SYSTEMS 1 HealthSystems Japan has a universal public health insurance system that ismandatory for all citizens. Health expenditures represent 10% of thecountry’s GDP (Niles, 2015). Although most of the healthcarefacilities are privately owned, the government regulates medicalfees. However, the U.S. government does not control the fees chargedby practitioners. Japan treats chronic diseases in over Read More

Change Agent

CHANGE AGENT 1 ChangeAgent Healthcare practitioners must be prepared to adapt to changingcircumstances. Medical practices undergo continuous refinements dueto advancing technology (Grol, Wensing, Eccles, &amp Davis, 2013).In this regard, change agents are required to ensure smoothtransition in the organization. In this paper, I will argue thatchange agents must be proactive and resourceful to fulfill theirduties Read More


DyslexiaDisorder Dyslexiais a psychological condition that a person is born with and inhibitstheir learning capacity. The biological cause is a defect in thebrain that slows down an individual’s mental power to processgraphic symbols. Due to this defect, the condition alters the way theperson’s brain processes visual material especially written ones.The condition is characterized by difficulty Read More

Student`s Name

RestorativeJustice Therestorative society is improving a great deal in ways of solvingvarious criminal cases and other extrapolated crimes. The credit isowed to the practice of restorative justice. Although severalcomparisons link up the practice to the traditional criminal justicesystem, restorative justice tends to provide an amicable solution tocrime cases outside the formal justice system. It provides Read More

Sociological Perspective

SociologicalPerspective Institution’sName Thetheme of social inequality is addressed under many variables,including race. The subject of race is profoundly confirmed over timeto be the cause of significant social differences. It is found thatracial disparities have instituted the injustices that have beenwitnessed among the actual races. Some races are perceived above theothers thus, offering to grab more Read More

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